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Friendship Center
8441 SW SR 200 #113
Ocala, FL 34481

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Monday thru Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday by Appointment


Chelsea Square
3233 E. Silver Springs Blvd.
Ocala, FL 34470

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12301 SE US Hwy. 441, Suite E
Belleview, FL 34420

Phone: 352-307-8371

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Monday thru Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday by Appointment

Belleview Hearing Aids


Belleview hearing aids - dB Hearing Solutions is growing! Due to continuous and overwhelming requests from patients living in Belleview, Summerfield and The Villages, dB Hearing has opened another location to help serve them better. Our newest office is now open and located at 12301 SE U.S. Hwy. 441, Suite E in Belleview (just a half mile north of Market of Marion), phone 352-307-8371.

dB Hearing Solutions has been awarded the Citizen Reader’s Choice Award as the area’s best hearing aid center, and have been an award winner the past 6 years running.

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dB Hearing Is Again Voted Best Hearing Aid Center in Ocala


dB Hearing Solutions has been voted Marion County’s Best Hearing Aid Center once again for 2012. This is an honor voted on by area residents in the Citizens Reader’s Choice Awards. This year, dB Hearing Solutions won by a landslide. And this is the sixth year running that we have been an award winner.

We want to thank the Ocala community once again for this honor. At dB Hearing Solutions, we are dedicated to providing service excellence that is a cut above what you typically encounter elsewhere. We provide FREE hearing tests and FREE service regardless where you bought your hearing aids. This includes FREE cleanings, adjustments, fine-tuning and wax removal – all at no charge to anyone.

In addition, we offer all major brands of hearing aids and will meet or beat any advertised price you might see on comparable hearing aids.

We invite you to stop by or call us anytime you have a question or in need of testing, hearing aids or service.


Medications Can Affect Your Hearing


Many drugs, both prescription and un-prescribed, are known to be ototoxic – and can affect a person’s hearing adversely.

The most common of these medications include drugs used in chemotherapy, steroids and painkillers as well as various types of antibiotics. Also, nicotine and alcohol over a period of time can deteriorate your hearing. As a rule, the stronger the drug, the sooner it may have a negative impact on an individual’s ability to hear and understand speech.

Hearing loss from these medications can be temporary, but the loss can also be permanent, causing irreparable damage to the cochlea of the inner ear. This is where the cilia, or hair cells, transmit electrical impulses to the auditory portion of the brain for speech. Once these nerves of the inner ear are damaged, it is permanent. They cannot be repaired. The person suffering from this type of impairment will have difficulty with speech discrimination eventually.

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Hearing Loss Affects Loving Relationships Adversely - One Wife's Story


The following comes courtesy of Karen Arbogast.

Call me biased, but I believe I married the best man in the world.

Joe’s long list of talents included a mechanical ability bordering on genius. While I rummaged through the packing materials for my new exercise bike searching for assembly instructions, Joe put it together.

Joe was ahead of his time. In the late 1980s, he brought home a computer. Within hours, we were speeding down what used to be called “the information superhighway.” We were the first in our crowd to go online.

Because Joe was a retired Cincinnati police officer, he was the one his family and mine leaned on in times of trouble. He took care of his mother and his elderly aunt and provided practical help and advice to my own mother after my father died.

But no relationship is perfect. Ours wasn’t either.

Joe was profoundly hard of hearing. Over the years, Joe purchased several hearing aids. He didn’t wear them regularly.

“Stop mumbling.”

“I’m not mumbling.”

“Speak UP!”

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Elite Hearing Network


dB Hearing Solutions is proud member of the Elite Hearing Network, which is a nationwide organization dedicated to hearing aid service excellence. As part of this network, patients who purchase hearing aids from us are able to receive continuing service at more than 1,600 Elite Hearing Network member locations across the United States. This is a valuable service, especially if you travel or live elsewhere in the country part of the year.

No matter where you go in the country, you will be able to obtain the same ongoing service that you receive at dB Hearing Solutions. Our association with the Elite Hearing Network is just one more reason why buying your hearing aids from us makes sense.

If you have questions, call us at 352-237-4635.


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